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Not just another training academy

Our courses are not run-off the-mill, because we do things a little different to other training companies you may have worked with in the past. We research skills gaps and from there design and develop all of our training courses in great detail with one aim in mind - to help you take your Course Participants and your company to the next level. Having this capability in-house allows us to conduct an in-depth training needs analysis, pinpoint urgent skills gaps and design practical learning modules which are highly relevant to the South African working environment

About Us

solutions based skills development

Ululo Technologies is a proud South African 100% black female owned and managed training and education services company. We provide technical skills and knowledge development courses specialising in computer based skills. We also offer other practical skills short courses.

Corporate Training

Need to upskill your employees?

Get started with one of our shortcourses. We focus on practical skills development courses that have a practical impact on our students' aptitude at work. Your organisation will see and reap the benefits immediately.

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What Our Students Say About US

Looking at my Professional Receptionist and Office Administration certificates makes me feel proud, I wouldn’t have done it without the helpful facilitators and ULULO at large.
Professional Receptionist
I'm so glad to be part of Ululo, before I had no knowledge of computers but now I can proudly say that I know how to use one, all thanks to ULULO. I love how you work with students, the support and the resources you offer your students. Big up my ululo ❤
Basic And Advanced Computer
I'm so happy that I finally got my Certificate. I will definitely comeback for more.