Our Story

 Ululo Empowerment Technologies (Pty) Ltd, is a proudly South African 100% Black Women   Empowered, Managed and Owned business. Our expertise in the field of training have enabled our   clients to improve their skills base and knowledge of computer usage. We specialise in Computer  Training Services. Our short courses are not run-of the-mill, because we do things a little different. We   research skills gaps and from there we design and develop our training courses in great detail with   one aim in mind – to help you take your Course Participants and your company to the next level.   Having this capability in-house allows us to conduct an in-depth training needs analysis, pinpoint   urgent skills gaps in your organisation and design practical learning modules which are highly relevant   to the South African working environment

Of all the things that we do and all the exciting projects that Ululo undertakes on a daily basis, it’s our people who are the foundation of our success. Our people bring unique skills, energy, expertise, experience and perspectives to our workforce. We are a company that has, at its core, a team philosophy that is clearly apparent each and every day. We believe in nurturing the skills of our team members and providing growing levels of responsibility so that our empowerment philosophy begins internally.