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The purpose of this course is to provide information on basic concepts of Early Childhood
Development (ECD), including its components, importance, the age range classification of ECD,
and the expected pattern of children‟s developmental skills in all areas of development–physical-
motor, social-emotional, spiritual-moral, and cognitive-language development. Further topics
include the importance of attachment in child development, ability differences among infants,
toddlers, and pre-schoolers, and the need for caregivers to differentiate their support according to
children‟s individual interests and developmental levels, including shaping the behaviour of
children through positive care and guidance in partnership with families. This guide is divided
into three sessions:
1. Session one describes the early childhood period, childhood development, and how
investment in early childhood benefits children and society. Further topics include factors
influencing child development, how development takes place, domains of child
development, and ways in which caregivers and teachers can work with families and set
appropriate developmental and learning goals for children, including children with special

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